Gloria Steinem

April 13, 2009

I started a new painting today. This one’s subject is Gloria Steinem and her Address to the Women of America on July 10, 1971, at the founding of the National Women’s Political Caucus. This would become one of the era’s most memorable speeches; delivered at the height of the Women’s Movement, it is considered one of the twentieth century’s greatest speeches.

Rainy days are so perfect for painting. Below are some pictures of the work in progress.


Nelson Mandela Painting

March 13, 2009

So this is the newest painting I’m working on. Its subject is Nelson Mandela, the first President of South Africa after apartheid, and that is a quote from the inspiring man himself.

I wanted this painting to evoke the feeling I remember from being in Africa, so it’s going to be a lot different than the other paintings in this series, but it will still have some of the same elements. Something that struck me right away when the idea for this painting came to me was that it needed to be done in bright colors – and lots of them. All of the colors in this painting are also in the South African flag, except orange. But, for me, orange needed to be in this painting if it was going to be about Africa, because I remember the color of the sun there looking so much different than I was used to – more like orange. It’s an intense memory to me, and that’s what Africa was all about – intensity.

Another important difference in this painting is that the layers will be more transparent – more fragile, a fractured reality – existing for you to see what you want to see.

The number sequence with the dots is also going to be a bit different for this piece, but it will be bold, staying true to the rest of this painting and its subject, its story, its history.

Live Boldly

March 13, 2009


Live Boldly – Original Painting – 5×7